A Classic Romance | Venice Beach Engagement Session

Allison Ward and Jackson Mollin have a glamorous, fun story ideal for a hollywood screenplay.  Every scene is perfect in its own way and builds on the last unexpectedly.  These two were seemingly pulled from the golden era of sweeping romance and dropped into the setting of a quirky chick flick.  Who knows, with Jackson’s dad in the film industry, you might just see it all unfold on the silver screen someday.

Just as a quirky romantic comedy should, this story began at a college bar while attending Chico State University.  Jackson, just your average Jewish reggae DJ was hanging out with his boys when he spotted Alli across the room.  What else was he to do but to take a chance on the hottest girl there?  Ali’s first impression was that of any sensible woman; “Who is this guy?”  But she gave him a chance, and almost before they knew it, they were managing a long distance relationship.  After a year of remote dating, they both moved to Marina Del Rey, and began to take things a bit more seriously.  And anyone can tell; when it comes to having fun, Jackson and Alli are serious.  They settled in together, Jackson working as a financial analyst and Alli as a private equity administrator.  Their little pup Mack rounds out a happy family.

You might not expect the average joe who picked up the beauty queen at a bar to turn out to be a well-traveled and refined renaissance man, but that’s where the plot takes an unexpected turn.  The second act sees the quirky fun give way to timeless romance as the proposal takes center stage.  (Gentlemen, you may want to take some notes, because—spoiler alert—Jackson absolutely nails this.)  Jackson planned his proposal for a full year.  He made sure to take Alli on a handful of decoy dates to make sure she didn’t catch on, but in June of 2016, it was time.

Jackson brought Alli and both families to the family vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.  Alli had been a bit upset with news of other couples getting engaged or married, so Jackson took her for a walk, with their faithful companion Mack trailing behind.  They just happened to be walking along the beach in front of the Kennedy estate—perhaps one of the most iconic and classic locations in the country—and he knew the moment would never be any more perfect.  Jackson proposed to Alli with a ring he had custom made out of Alli’s grandmother’s diamonds.  When the tears had begun to subside and the smiles had only just begun, he led her farther down the beach to meet the whole family for a celebration.

Three-thousand miles later, Jackson and Alli now share an amazing townhouse in Venice Beach, California.  When we met them for their engagement session, it was just another typical, classy, glamourous Wednesday for them.  We arrived early to get our bearings and form some ideas for their engagement session.  But it turned out that all we needed to do was follow Jackson and Alli along in their daily routine.

We got a tour of their townhouse, and then went down stairs to walk along the Venice Beach canal towards the beach.  Jackson’s parents live in another condo right on the beach, and they make the short half-mile walk almost daily, enjoying the coastal breeze, the conversation, and the companionship with Mack.  There were so many wonderful nooks and crannies that we wouldn’t have discovered without our hosts, and the atmosphere suited their laid back lifestyle perfectly.  When we arrived at Jackson’s parent’s place, we did a quick wardrobe change, and headed across the sand to the surf.  And as they had on Martha’s Vineyard, once again, they walked along the beach together, hand-in-hand.

As the sun set, we headed back to grab dinner together at a delightful tapas bar just off of the beach.  We discovered that we shared a love for tapas, and we loved the conversation we shared even more.  There are few things more special to us than becoming friends with our clients.

The final act of their story is scripted to play out on November 11th at Indian Wells Country Club.  Jackson and Alli’s wedding promises to be the culmination of their cinematic romance.  They’ve described their big day to us as an event that will be relaxed and romantic, extravagant and vintage, but above all, inclusive.  Their bridal party consists of over 20 close friends and siblings, so we think ‘inclusive’ is putting it mildly.  But with a story as diverse, fun, and timeless as theirs, we expected nothing less.  We can’t wait to see the perfect end of this chapter and the perfect beginning of their life together.

And we’re sure the happy couple will walk off into the sunset together.  Probably along a beach.  With Mack happily trailing behind.

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