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A little bit more about Est. 2009
Portraits that bring tears of joy; sessions filled with laughter and fun; connecting with people whether it is a brief moment in their lives or clients that turn into lasting friends. These are the moments I look back on and these moments are why I love being a photographer! We were created to connect with others and with God. Photography is my catalyst for connection.

I have always created art, but it was during my sophomore year at Biola University that I took my first photography class and loved it!  I could be out in the world, enjoying God's creation and meeting new people, all while creating art! Life after college can be an exciting and soul-searching adventure. It certainly was for me! Three years later, I completed an intense career training program at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. I returned to Southern California, began my business that same month and have been loving my photography career every day since.
Luke worked with a high-end wedding photographer in Orange County during and after college for a few years until the other photographer moved out of state. He continued doing family portraits as a side job, though his passion is for photojournalism. In 2012, I called Luke to assist me with a wedding in Irvine. We've been working together ever since. 

Our personality and photographic styles compliment each other in many ways. He is my steady support and calm when things get hectic. I focus on more intimate portraits to cature emotions and the relationship while Luke excels at telling stories through the atmosphere and energy of the moment. 

Beyond the Resume…

Adventure and Jesus- it's what draws us together!

Luke and I met in 2004 at Biola University during a 3 week explorative science and art trip through Baja California. I was a student and he was the "teacher assistant". Amidst the camping, hiking, whale watching and adventures, we quickly became friends, but we didn't begin to date for another 9 years!

  • We are passionate about discovering new things: restaurants, activities, places and more. Groupon is wonderful for this. We've learned salsa dancing, fencing, hot air balloons, and more. 
  • Luke is a huge movie buff, so the movie theater is a frequent date and topic of conversation (ask him just about anything movie related). 
  • We are suckers for warm chocolate chip cookies and lattes!

  • Cumulatively, we have been to over 30 countries! I was a student ambassador through People to People International. A program to help the youth of america develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures. Luke has been on several missions trips around the world. 
  • Most importantly, our faith is the foundations of our lives. We both grew up in solid christian homes and churches and both have a minor in biblical studies. While human and prone to mistakes, maintaining biblical integrity and the love of Christ in our lives and business is a high priority and a filter for all that we do. 

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