Mother & Daughter | Palm Springs Maternity & Newborn portraits

Over the last two years, I’ve come to respect Nicole for her intelligence, professionalism, ability to successfully manage the event and catering sales and production of three major properties without the slightest sign of stress or exhaustion. Further more and more importantly, I have come to thoroughly enjoy spending time with Nicole and have begun to look up to her as we have worked together and serve on the board for the Greater Palm Springs Wedding Association. She is an incredible woman full of love and empathy, patience and wisdom. She has shown strength and discernment when needed and been an encouragement to many. For these very reasons, when she announced her and Brian were having a baby, I knew instantly that she was going to be an incredible mother.

It was a true honor to be able to photograph Brian and Nicole’s maternity session. It was no surprise how well prepared these two were for their child’s arrival. They chose to let the sex of their child be a surprise adding to the excitement and anticipation of it’s arrival. Not knowing, they decided on a neutral palette for the baby room: an adorable light grey walls with teal and yellow decor with chevron sheets, pillows, and baby animals aesthetically placed around the room. And don’t forget Brian’s bronze dipped baby shoes preserved by his mother. It was perfect. It fit Nicole’s personality and I knew it would match the child’s as well.

Nicole’s due date was here. Everyone watched their phones, email, Facebook, anything to hear about the arrival of this little sweet baby and what he/she might be. The date passed…. and a few more days passed…. A week later, Nicole’s was to be induced but there was no room at the hospital. So they waited some more. Finally, 9 days later, a little bit of drama with getting a room and a cold…

Little Miss Cora Ray Hughes joined our world and made it a brighter place!

As a precaution due to the cold, Cora had to stay at the hospital for a few days. Mom and Dad anxious to hold her any chance they cold and unable to take their eyes off of her. Beautiful, sweet, a perfect blend of mother and father.


Finally, Cora came home. Family made their introductions to the little Miss Cora. It was my turn to photograph Cora’s newborn portraits (Big cheesy grin). And what fun it was. Nicole and Brian are no doubt utterly captivated by this little girl. She was already showing signs of her parental influences from the way she slept and the noises she makes. “Yeah, that’s her daddy in her. He does the same thing.”

It is a miracle to watch the instant devotion and love that overwhelms everything they ever knew. Praise God for his perfect plan and example for us to see, know and rely on him throughout every step in this journey of life!  Cora could not have a better home, more devoted, capable and loving parents or a community of support surrounding her.


May God’s provision, wisdom and grace be a constant blessing over the Hughes house!




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