Palm Desert Family Portraits | Shadow Ridge

It’s always fun photographing a session when you’ve known the family for years! The Goldman’s are one of those close families that does everything together and really has a lot of fun with each other. They have been family friends since my younger brother dated the youngest daughter, Jesse, for several years while they were in high school. When they asked if I would photograph their family portraits, I was excited to spend the afternoon with them. I had no problem photographing their family character and how they interact with each other.

We decided to go to the Marriott Shadow Ridge Villas in Palm Desert. It has a great view of the mountains, lush green golf course and a cute gazebo. It’s a perfect spot to catch the sunset! The Goldman’s great to work with because they were easy going with posing suggestions, but the best part was them coming up with their own fun portraits. My favorite was the facial expression game. One at a time, they would call out an emotion that the whole family would have to mimic. So much fun! The laughter that came after “Constipation” was priceless! I think I’ll be using this with more family portrait sessions in the future.

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