“Take A Beat!” || Miramonte Resort Wedding, Indian Wells

You’re in the heat of planning your wedding, and you’ve dreamt of a day you’ll never forget.  You may have heard that “You’ve got to stop and appreciate it because it goes by so fast!”  Of course you have.  Everyone knows the wedding day is a blur.  It’s one of those truths we hold to be self-evident. It’s so obvious that even people who have never been married will give you the same advice.  You might think that such a universal piece of advice would go without saying.  Yet we say it to all of our couples: “Take a beat.”

Why should we feel the need to make such an obvious comment?  Because, ironically, while everyone knows it, when it comes to their own wedding, no one actually does it.  Understandable.  There are so many details that go into this one day, and so many moments to organize that it’s easy to become fixated on the minutia and miss the big picture.  On the wedding day, there are so many guests to connect with and moments that can’t be missed and in the blink of an eye, the night is over. We even struggled to find moments to slow down on our own wedding day. To Jen’s disappointment, we turned around from a conversation at the end of the night to find the entire place had been cleaned up and was being loaded into trucks, as we were being shooed out to start our honeymoon. We weren’t ready for the night to end!

Imagine our delight when we found Jess and Bret taking it to heart and taking a beat.  They had already had a day full of plans and details at the Miramonte Resort.  But they were also in the midst of a day full of love and laughter, and they didn’t want to miss it.  They had the presence of mind to pause at a few times throughout the day, and during their reception, they made a special point to step aside and survey the lawn filled with all of their most loved friends and family.

To drive it home, the toasts from their parents and siblings repeatedly touched on their strong connection to the family and willingness to set all else aside at a moment’s notice and invest in those they love.  But it’s not just the stolen moments and care and concern for one another that allows us to take a beat and enjoy life.  A healthy dose of humor goes a long way as well.  These two were clearly not lacking in that department.  From general conversations to their vows to the toasts, Bret and Jess’s wedding featured some of the funniest, most genuine moments we’ve enjoyed at a wedding.  Seriously, try not to laugh when you hear the groom say to his new sister-in-law, “It’s out of love when I tell you that you look like you were dressed by a circus clown with cataracts.”

We hope that Jess and Bret found the pauses and the humor fulfilling.  Having been to so many weddings, we can say with confidence that they had a wedding well worth remembering!  We will remember their day as one that was truly authentic.  We saw two people who had settled confidently into who they are together, and have learned to value the relationships in their lives above anything else.  Those values were on display as their wedding was laid back, but full of intention in every decision.

What we love most about our job is that we get to help couples recall and enhance the memories they have of the most meaningful day of their lives.  But it would be a shame if our images were all anyone had to go on.  When your turn comes, take our advice.  Take Jess and Bret’s advice.  Take everyone’s advice.  Take a beat.


Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planner: Nicole Alexandra Designs;   http://www.nicolealexandradesigns.com

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Miramonte Resort, Indian Wells;  http://miramonteresort.com

Site Cordinator: Michele Frechette

Videographer: By Design Films; http://bydesignfilms.com

Floral Design: Studio Kate Floral Designs; http://www.studiokatefloral.com

Cake & Desserts: Over the Rainbow Cakes; http://www.romanblas.com

Music/DJ: Who’s That DJ?;  http://www.whosthatdj.com

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Marked by B&C; http://getbeautymarked.net/

Rentals & Event Decor: Signature Party Rentals; http://www.signatureparty.com