Where Will Your Portraits Be in 15 years?

I read a great article today that I thought I would share. With technology changing every day, where will your digital images be in 15 years? Are they printed and displayed in your home to enjoy and reflect on precious memories? Or are they thrown in a drawer, lost in cyberspace, accidentally deleted or lost in a computer crash? Or if you have the digital file stored, will you still be able to ‘read’ the file and see your memories come to life again?

When I visit homes that have the wall of family portraits from generations past, or the wedding guest book table with the history of wedding portraits, a part of my is a little saddened. I do not have a portrait of my parent’s wedding (they didn’t have a photographer), I don’t have the generations of family portraits passed down. I don’t want to follow that pattern. Obviously, I love and value photography. Mostly for the story it tells, the legacy it can leave behind for someone and the memories and emotions that instantly flood back from one slight glance. My goal is to live a life worth telling and sharing with others. I have found that a photograph is the start of most great stories past on to the next generation.


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