husband and wife
photographers, adventurers,
Jesus followers & dog parents
to our rescue pup, Kodak

Jen & Luke


We have both been artists our entire lives. We each chose to pursue photography in college at Biola University, where we met in 2004. We both earned BFAs in Studio Art with an emphasis in photo. Luke also added a BS in video art. Though friends throughout college, on graduation we parted ways... for 7 years.

In 2009, Jen returned to school to complete an intense 6 month career-training program at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana and promptly began Jennifer Yount Photography upon returning home to Palm Desert, Ca. 

Luke worked with a high-end wedding photographer in Orange County for over 5 years. Then he continued photography, video and graphics through his church, while also expanding his experience with various photography jobs and media missions trips on the side.

In 2012, Jen called Luke to assist with a wedding in Irvine, Ca... and then every wedding since then! First work, then love and marriage. In 2016, we officially became a husband and wife wedding team living in Orange County. We moved back to Palm Desert in 2020 and Luke began a more involved role in JYP beyond just weddings. 

Our personalities and photographic styles are wonderfully complimentary. Jen is a visionary and a planner. She excels at photographing the emotions and personalities in front of her lens, all while keeping a schedule to ensure an event runs smoothly.

Luke's heart for photography lies in journalism. His eye for design and fashion influences his creativity and he is often found climbing a wall or moving tree branches out of the way to enhance the atmosphere and energy of the moment. 

a glimpse behind the camera

Portraits that bring tears of joy. Sessions filled with laughter. Forging bonds, both momentary and lifelong. These are the moments we love as photographers! We were created for connection with God and with others, and photography is our catalyst for connection.



We are passionate about missions. Each of us have served on missions trips, missions support committees and worked for faith based nonprofits.

favorite place

Bahia De Los Angeles in Baja California
This is where we met and where Luke proposed 11 years later.

Fun Fact

Jen received knife throwing lessons from a hall of fame knife thrower. 


Jen can give a great back massage. It was another considered career, but God led her to photography.


Adventures with Kodak. It may be hiking, camping, kayaking, or building an obstacle course for Kodak.


BlackList - We binge watch television series during the evenings. Castle, White Collar, Smallville, and Murdoch Mysteries to name a few.


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Our core values



For us, it all starts with faith. We believe that God made each and every one of us to be unique, valuable, and filled with purpose. And as photographers, it’s our mission both to display that spark of authenticity in our work as well as to find the spark of authenticity in the faces, moments, and settings we photograph.




Our commitment to see the genuine spark in everyone leads straight to a calling toward excellence. It’s a responsibility and an honor to capture life’s meaningful moments, and we take that very seriously. We always strive to provide the highest service to our clients, from planning to photography to presentation.




Our desire to capture authentic moments with excellence drives our passion for creativity. Only by continually pushing to try new things, look at life from new angles, and connect with people in new ways can we truly discover the richness of life we long to share with the world. The result is a zeal to glorify God through creative expression!