Pricing + Details

High School Seniors




  • 1.5 hours
  • 3 outfits
  • 1 location
  • Avg of 40 images
  • $400 credit towards products

every session includes

Planning consultation to curate a session to your style and personality, and online gallery delivered within 2 weeks of your session.

The Experience Includes...

high school

I vow to capture authentic & timeless images OF YOUR graduate.









Graduating high school and entering the world as a young adult is a momentous time in one's life - both for the child and for the parents. During our consultation we will talk through some of this transition. Who you've been and where your dreams might take you. From that, we will curate a session catered to your personality and style. 


We are so honored when you choose to trust us with your wedding day. Once we hear confirmation from you, we will send the contract and invoice in order to secure your date.

portrait session

This is your day to shine! Based on the consultation, you will bring up to 3 outfits and we will select posing styles that will accentuate your personality. Our posing style will suite you to ensure you feel comfortable, confident and ready face the next phase of life. 

reveal session

Once all of your portraits have been culled and edited, we will meet again for your Reveal session. This is a fun time to see your modeling portfolio, let mom and dad cry over how grown up their baby is and we will select your products.

If you like what you have read and seen here, fill out our contact form and schedule your consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



  • Again, cute and flattering but comfortable! If you're wearing heels, bring flats for in between poses. Your skirts should be long enough to allow you to raise your arms, bend over or sit down without revealing too much. Alternatively, an outfit that is too loose and flowy can give the appearance of added weight and a shapeless figure.
  • Accessorize! This is the best way to add style and character, plus provide quick changes in between portraits. Pull out those scarves, hats, cardigans or blazers. They can also add playful props to use during the session.
  • Patterns can be fun and bright, but I recommend to keep them simple, clean and classic. 
  • Treat yourself to a mani-pedi before your session. Professional hair and makeup is optional, but a trial run is recommended. It should still look like you. 

  • Leave your graphic tee-shirts at home. They create distraction in the portrait and will date the portrait.
  • Unless it is your own sports jersey or jacket, then I don't recommend other team sports. a. A safe idea is button down shirts and polos with nice dark jeans or slacks. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to shave your facial hair. However, you do need to trim at the very least. Manscaping is important. Even if it is as simple as cleaning up your eyebrows.  

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  • You'll want to bring 2-3 outfits to your session. 
  • Each outfit should be a reflection of you. One that makes you feel confident and comfortable. 
  • Try on everything a few days before the shoot. You’ll want to make sure your clothes fit correctly. Sit on the ground and raise your arms above your head. We'll be moving a lot during your session. Your clothes should be able to move with you and not restrict you.
  • Be very careful about tanning. Sunburns and orange skin can not be photoshoped.
You want a location that speaks to you. One that will be an extension of you. One that allows you to feel at home. Here are few questions to ask yourself when selecting a location for your portrait session.

  1. Do you want a location that is urban, manicured nature, or raw nature?
  2. Do you prefer a morning or afternoon session?
  3. How far do you want to travel? Some fees may apply depending on the distance. 
  4. Are you willing to pay a permit or entrance fee for the location that speaks to you?  Some places like Joshua Tree NP requires a permit that need to be secured in advance and others may require admission fees.

P.D. Chamber Park

El Paseo Gardens

Ironwood Park

Sunnylands Gardens

Rancho mirage parks

Joshua Tree N.p.

Resort Life

P.S. Visitor Center

"escape the heat"

anywhere Personal

Location Inspiration